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Response to COVID-19 Virus

In response to the recent decision for schools, universities, and many places of employment to close due to the ongoing attempt to contain COVID-19 I wanted to update you on a few changes at the practice. 

While we are taking extra precautions with cleaning and sanitizing the office regularly, it is important to me to create an environment that fosters health and wellbeing for all. Therefore, I am requesting anyone who is sick does not come into the office. Working in a socially conscious way means being aware that some people coming to the office may live with others who may have a compromised immune system, may be part of a high-risk group, or may have infants and young children who cannot yet obtain vaccinations.  If you are sick, in an incubation period, or are concerned about being in public during this time I ask you please do not come to the office.

There is widespread concern about COVID-19, and I want to help you/your child cope during this stressful time.  There are still many uncertainties about this disease which also fuels anxiety and panic. Current or anticipated disruptions in day-to-day life, such as school closures, extracurricular activities being canceled, a change in travel plans also fuels these feelings. Many people are experiencing mood problems, sleep issues, phobia, and spikes in symptoms for pre-existing emotional health concerns.  If you or your child are experiencing a spike in symptoms please let me know in order to address this in our next session. It’s important to me to continue providing a routine and/or a sense of normalcy for you and your family. Starting Monday, March 16th, telehealth sessions will be available as an alternative to in-office sessions to maintain continuity of care and to be available when meeting in person is not in the best interest of all involved.

Some information about the telehealth option: 

– Telehealth is offered through my electronic health system SimplePractice.  It is very easy to use and most importantly is HIPAA-compliant. I will simply send you a link via email and you can use your phone, tablet, computer, etc. to access the video call.   

– Many insurance companies reimburse for telehealth at the same rate as an in-office session, meaning that the copay/deductible would be the same either way; however, if your insurance plan will not cover the cost at this time I will provide telehealth sessions at a reduced rate of $50 per session.  

– Unfortunately, I cannot tell you which individual plans cover telehealth. You are welcome to contact your insurance company individually to ask about this by calling the number on the back of your card. Please be aware that in the event that you choose to utilize telehealth and your insurance plan does not cover it, the card you have on file will be charged $50 for the session.

-If you would like to meet virtually, please let me know as soon as possible in order to make the necessary scheduling changes.  I will also send you a telehealth guide for clients to help you get started. 

Finally,  if you are not a salaried employee and are concerned about the cost of co-payments and/or deductibles while out of work, please talk to me about this and we can address waiving or reducing fees during this unprecedented time.

Be Well!

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