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Anxiety Group for Tweens & Teens!

Updated: Oct 7, 2020

This group would benefit any child who...

  1. has perfectionistic behaviors with their school work or other activities

  2. avoids situations or events where they fear being judged by others

  3. has school avoidance

  4. has accommodations in school through a 504plan/IEP because of anxiety

  5. has quit a sports team or extracurricular activity because of anxiety or lack of confidence

  6. often complains of headaches, stomachaches, or trouble falling asleep at night because of worry

The group includes...

  1. An individual introductory session prior to November 10th to meet with me and review how the group will work, confidentiality, and answer any questions

  2. Six virtual group therapy sessions with peers (Tuesdays 11/10-12/15)

  3. Weekly parent correspondence from group facilitators with an overview of the week’s session, parent tips, and ideas to reinforce at home

  4. One optional parent consultation group session will be held in December

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